Is a TV Bed a Good Buy?

The answer to this question, as with most consumer goods, is that it is really a matter of personal choice. There are those who have bought a TV bed and are extremely happy with their purchase, while there are others who have had nothing but problems with the mechanics of the unit. Still others are bowled over by the price, as most TV beds do not include the price of a mattress, so after purchasing the unit and a separate mattress, this can be very expensive; some say much better to buy a bed with mattress included, and then set a flat-screen TV at the end of the bed, if this is your preference.

Another factor, of course, is the make and model of TV bed, and where it is purchased: buying from a reputable supplier and choosing a quality manufacturer, should ensure that you get value for money.

Who doesn’t like the idea of a TV that rises from the footboard of your bed by remote control; allowing you to turn on the TV, change channels, and turn off the TV at the touch of a button. These conveniences, of course, are available with any TV that has a remote control, and a flat-screen TV can be set up anywhere in the room without taking up too much space. So why you might ask do we need an all in one TV bed? As mentioned before, this is of course purely a matter of taste and personal choice.

A good quality TV bed made by a reputable company and bought from a trustworthy retailer or website, will probably provide customer satisfaction and will carry a guarantee for at least a year or two, whereas a cheap “special offer” TV bed from an unknown manufacturer, through a dubious website, may cause nothing but problems, and although inexpensive to buy; may in the long run cost so much more in problems and repairs.

Consumer reviews on TV beds are also a mixed bag, with some users ecstatic with their purchase and with no complaints whatsoever. On the other hand, there are many reviewers who have had nothing but problems with their purchase, and others who were put off by the price and decided instead to go with a good quality bed and mattress, and a flat-screen TV fitted on a narrow table at the foot of the bed, or indeed on a wall.

For more info on TV beds, check out the video below.

Written by Mckayla