Adapting To A New Mattress

Most often, we decide to change mattresses when one day, when we get up, we notice back pain or because an acquaintance or family member tells us that he or she has changed mattresses. That’s when we’re probably wondering how old ours is, that’s if even remember how many years, as it’s been a long while.

When this happens, we begin to look at our mattresses exterior appearance, and the feeling it produces when we lie down. Also, we pay more attention to our back in the morning to see if our pains could be related to sleep.

If it is some time that you have the mattress and your analyses tells you that you need a change, the time has come to choose a new one. We comment with friends, we investigate on the internet, we ask in the bedroom furniture shops… But it is complicated, as there are so many materials, firmness, densities, prices, etc.

When we finally made up our minds and got the new mattress home, we think that’s the end of it, but not at all… this is the time we have to pass the dreaded “PERIOD OF ADAPTION.”

We have to remember when our new mattress arrives; chances are we’ve been sleeping in the previous one for more than a decade. This will have gradually deformed, and our body has become accustomed to a more than likely incorrect posture.

The period of adaptation is not an exact science, as there are people who, since the first day, see great comfort (although more commonly, the old mattress is missed at first). Our back can “suffer” with the change from a bad posture to a more appropriate position of the spine. This usually lasts about two weeks, after which we will begin to notice the advantages of our new mattress.

The space of time to get used to the new one can be lengthened a little by making very radical changes, especially in older people. Changing, for example, from springs to visco or latex, or the other way around. It may cost us a little more time to adapt, although this does not mean that change is not going to be positive, it just means that it can take us a little longer.

If at two weeks, we continue to have significant discomfort in the back or are not experiencing the comfort we expected, we can start to think that we may have erred in our mattress choice. For this reason it is very advantageous to buy the mattresses in a specialized shop which offers us a trial period of between fifteen and twenty days.

With regard to back pain, if it persists even if we switch to another more suitable mattress, we should consider that perhaps the problem is in some other issue. In that case, it is advisable to go to our doctor and have the relevant tests to find out if there are any other disorders.

And if you finally changed mattresses and you are one of the lucky ones that experienced a great sleep from the very first night, we wish you very sweet dreams!

Written by Mckayla